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My Ticket To Ride

Bikes and Luggage Systems

1989 Honda XL600V Transalp

1996 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin

Honda Nederland
Honda USA

The Bikes         Luggage         Adjustments        Specifications

The Bikes

Defined at the time as a "new-concept touring bike" by Honda's PR department, the Transalp was a motorcycle that bridged the gap between different types of bikes without being exactly like any one of them. It was the predecessor of all modern day adventure bikes and it still is a beautiful and reliable machine that takes you anywhere.


It was love at first sight when Azure saw her Transalp. It was the right size, in mint condition and ready to go on a journey of a lifetime. The Transalp is mechanically very similar to the Africa Twin. This means it was easier for Roel to teach Azure to work on her own bike.



Built in homage to the giant desert racers of the Paris-Dakar Rally, the Africa Twin is a large, dual sport bike, powered by a softly tuned, liquid cooled, V-twin engine. An aluminium bashplate protects the bottom of the engine from flying rocks and impacts. The long-travel suspension insulates the rider from uneven surfaces. The brakes are twin discs at the front and single disc at the rear. The ideal travel bike for a round the World Journey. While looking for a bike for his first trip to Nordkap, The most Northern point in Europe, Roel found his Africa Twin at a local dealer. It had Hepco&Becker Engine Guards and Luggage system and was ready to hit the road. The bikes colorscheme costisted of his favorite colors. It was meant to be!





Transalp Adjustments

Transalp Luggage Systems

Africa Twin Luggage Systems

Luggage Systems

Hepco&Becker Engine Guards by MotoMachines

Rigid Industries Led lights by Black Dog Cycleworks

JT Sprockets and JT Drivechain by Bike Alert

Hiflo Airfilter by Bike Alert

Hiflo Oilfilter by Bike Alert

Custom made handlebar Risers 22mm

Acerbis Hand Guards

Custom made adjustable windscreen with GoPro mounts.

Corbin Dual Sport saddle (lowered)

12V Charging System

Manual fan switch

Metal strip welded to side stand for parking on sand



Africa Twin Adjustments

Hepco&Becker Engine Guards

Rigid Industries Led lights

by Black Dog Cycleworks

JT Sprockets and Drivechain

Hiflo Airfilter by Bike Alert

Hiflo Oilfilter by Bike Alert

Handlebar Risers 20mm

Ufoplast Mud Guard

Barkbusters hand guards

Tall Windscreen

Sheep skin seatcover

Venom Exhaust

Wilbers Monoshock

Wilbers Progressive springs

Excel Rims

12v Charging system

Manual fan switch

Ducati Regulator

Holes drilled in fairing for extra

airflow around regulator/rectifier

Metal strip welded to side stand

for parking on sand

Hepco&Becker Gobi side cases and Top Box

Hepco&Becker Tankbag

Amfibious Bags on Hepco&Becker Engine Guards

Hepco&Becker Dry Bag 30Ltr


Azure started riding with alluminum cases on her bike. After some minor incidents they were not waterproof anymore and being convinced of the quality of Roel's cases, she reached out to MotoMachines for a set of Hepco&Becker Gobi Cases. The Gobi system just makes life easier with hinged covers and locks that are built into the latches. We have one key for all our cases. The only drawback to the Gobi cases is that because of the double outer layer that holds 3.5 Liters of water, there is a little less space inside. However, everything inside is very well protected.


The Hepco and Becker Tankbags are very spacious and come with a quick release system. The Amfibious Bags, mounted to Azure's engine guards allow us to bring along extra supplies or drinking water. Our 30Liter Hepco&Becker Dry Bag holds our camping gear. The white bag has a built in emergency triangle that we can role out in case we have a break down on a busy road.



Hepco&Becker Gobi side cases with water taps

Hepco&Becker Tankbag

Mosko Moto Scout 25 on Hepco&Becker Engine Guards

Zarges Case K470


Roel has had the Hepco&Becker Gobi cases since he bought his Africa Twin. The double layer plastic cases are perfect for a long overland journey. When you drop the bike they absorb the impact and protect everything inside, unlike alluminum cases. One lock holds the case to the frame. It is fixed in such a way that, in case of a hard impact, the lock breaks off. This prevents damage to the bike frame and to our legs. The double sided cases also hold 3.5Liters of water in between the two layers. The small watertap on the front is great for washing hands or doing dishes. Finally there are loops on top of the case to attach extra bags or a wet tent.


The Mosko Moto Scouts are mounted on the front of the bike. They allow us to bring extra water and supplies for extended time off the beaten track. The clever and strong mounting design makes it easy to take off the bags without fiddling around with straps. The Mosko's consist of two waterproof layers to make sure our gear stays dry. The military style webbing on the outside allows for extra bags or equipment.


Roel chose the Zarges Case for a top box because he started of his journey alone and wanted to be able to lock up his gear safely so he could go for a wander without worrying about anyone with "long fingers". He worked with these very strong, leightweight and bear proof boxes in the army and although it looks big and heavy on the bike, Roel loves traveling with his Zarges Top Box.

Transalp Adjustments

The Rigid Industry Led Lights, by Black Dog Cycle Works, make the Transalp and the Twin stand out for extra visibility and safety. They come with a cover for daytime riding. When we ride at night the covers come off and unleash an ocean of blue light. It's like riding in daylight!


Specifications Honda XL600v Transalp:


Displacement: 583.00 ccm (35.57 cubic inches)

Engine type: V2, four-stroke

Power: 50.00 HP (36.5 kW)) @ 8000 RPM

Top speed:167.0 km/h (103.8 mph)

Compression: 9.2:1

Bore x stroke: 75.0 x 66.0 mm (3.0 x 2.6 inches)

Valves per cylinder: 3

Fuel control: OHC

Cooling system: Liquid

Gearbox: 5-speed

Transmission type, final drive: Chain

Front tyre:90/90-21

Rear tyre:130/80-17

Front brakes:Single disc

Rear brakes:Expanding brake

Weight incl. oil, gas, etc:205.0 kg (451.9 pounds)

Fuel capacity:18.00 litres (4.76 gallons)

Specifications Honda XRV750 Africa Twin:


Engine: 742 cc (45.3 cu in), V-twin

Bore / stroke: 81.0 mm × 72.0 mm (3.19 in × 2.83 in)

Valves per cylinder: 3

Compression ratio: 9.0:1

Top speed: 181.8 km/h

Power: 45.5 kW (61.0 hp) @ 7500 rpm

Torque: 62.7 N·m (46.2 lbf·ft) @ 6000 rpm

Ignition type: CDI with electronic advance

Transmission: 5-speed, chain drive

BrakesFront: two 276mm discs 2 piston calipers

Rear: Single 256mm disc 1 piston caliper

TiresFront: 90/90 D21Rear: 140/80 R17

Weight: 207 kg (456 lb) (dry) 218 kg (481 lb) (wet)

Fuel capacity: 23 L (5.1 imp gal; 6.1 US gal)

Fuel consumption: 4.35 l/100 km (54 mpg)

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