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My Ticket To Ride

Roel's Godfather asked him the following question one day. "I think it is amazing what you guys are doing but I can't help but wonder how you take care of all the normal things in life. For example, I need to do laundry once a week and I need to have dinner on the table every night. How do you do all this while you are on the road"?


It is a question we hear often so we decided to show you all the gear that we bring along for the ride. You will see that it is actualy quite a normal life we live. We just move our house around and call a different place "home" every night. Where appropriate, we review our equipment and explain why we chose it. We started our journey with the gear we had but as we've needed to replace things we have strived to do so with the best and safest gear out there. Please don't hesitate to contact us through our contact form if you have any questions about our gear.

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