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My Ticket To Ride

Our bedroom consists of 2 Nemo Cosmo Insulated 25L Sleeping Pads. A matching slipcover keeps the pads together. The pads are 4in/10cm thick and come with a built-in foot pump for fast and easy inflation, four inches of plush, shoulder saving loft, and a raised baffle at the head end to supplement our pillows.


Our Nemo "Fillos" pack surprisingly small while, once inflated, they give great support. They are soft and don't feel like an air pillow at all. We use Buffs as pillowcases to keep them clean. When we get the question what we could not go without, the Fillo is definitely in the top three. A good night sleep just can't be beat.


Our down sleeping bags are from Macpac. The his and hers Escapade bags zip together. Azure's bag has more filling than Roels as she gets colder at night. Because they are spacious they don't pack very small but they allow us to go into a wide variety of climates.

Our outdoor living room adds to our comfort on the road. Allthough our Hepco&Becker side cases can double as chairs, we also have two Joey Chairs for more luxury. These strong and leightweight chairs allow us to sit back after a long day of riding.


In case we need a table the Zarges Top Case comes off Roel's Africa Twin. Aside from being the perfect lockable travelcase it easily converts into a table for romantic candle light dinners.

The House

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