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My Ticket To Ride

The Kitchen

Primus Multi Fuel Stove

2 x 1 Liter Fuel Bottles (also backup fuel for the bikes)

Black Bear Pan Set

8 Inch Light Weight Ant Stick Frying Pan (handle sawn off)

Macpac windshield

GSI Outdoors Java Press Coffee Maker

Black Dog Cycle Works Beer Bottle Opener

Foldable Kitchen Sink

2 X Folding Cups

2 X Plastic Plate

2 X Spoon

Kitchen Knife

Wooden Spoon


Pepper and Salt

Olive Oil


Our "mobile" kitchen is very limited but the ever changing views from our kitchen window and the different ingredients in each country make every meal a feast. One day it's Mexican Buritos the other day it is pasta. Some days we just have noodles with eggs and sometimes its just a nutritious soup. It really depends on what is available. It is hard to cook up a nice meal on just one stove but we get creative!


In the morning, while Azure takes down the tent it is Roel's mission to make a good local coffee to fuel Azure's addiction. We bring along a French Press to make sure we start the day well.


Below you'll find a list that gives you an idea of what is in our travel kitchen.


Local Coffee

Dishwashing Liquid


2 X Lighter

2 X Bowl

2 X Emergency meals (Pasta+Sauce and 3 Packs of Noodles)

12 Liters / 3 Gallons of Drinking Water

Katadyn Waterfilter

2 X 2.5 Liter Camel Bak

7 Liter Of Non Drinking Water From Double Sided                  Hepco&Becker Gobi Case for Dishwashing or Washing or boiling bagged food like soup.



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